Food Safety and Toxicology


This is one of the major focus areas in the department with education, research and outreach activities conducted by a large number of our faculty. The area is strengthened considerably with close ties to the National Food Safety and Toxicology Center (NFSTC). In addition, there is an opportunity to obtain dual degrees in Food Science and Integrative Toxicology through MSU‘s Program in Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences.For more information regarding Master’s programs in Food Safety, please see the following link:


Current faculty research emphases focus on agents that affect human and animal health including mycotoxins and other natural products, foodborne disease agents and their toxins, and a variety of nutritional factors. This is an active area of research and education with a significant capacity for career growth.

Participating Faculty:

Gangur, Venugopal Linz, John Marks, Bradley Pestka, James Ryser, Elliot Wu, Felicia