Dental School Preparation

There are two dental schools in Michigan, one at the University of Detroit Mercy, the other at the University of Michigan.  The Pre-Dental Curriculum Guide is a printable chart showing the prerequisite courses needed to apply to each of the Michigan dental schools.  Other helpful information about the in-state dental programs is shown below, and the links at the bottom can be used to research requirements of out-of-state dental programs.

Additional Recommended Pre-Dental Courses

University of Detroit Mercy (UDM) - In addition the the prerequisites listed in the Pre-Dental Curriculum Guide, the following are recommended courses:  Upper level biological sciences such as comparative anatomy, physiology, molecular genetics, histology, embryology, and virology; behavioral science; communication; medical ehtics; and business courses, such as marketing.  UDM emphasizes rigor—a full-time load, at a 4-year college/university, with several science courses each semester.
University of Michigan (UM) - In addition to the listed prerequisites, UM suggests upper-level biological science courses, such as anatomy, histology, physiology; public speaking; and art.

Other Activities/Experiences

It is expected that candidates will exhibit a confirmed interest and motivation in a dental career by participating in career-related activities such as job shadowing, community service and other volunteer opportunities.
UDM - One letter of recommendation must come from a dentist attesting to the applicant having spent a reasonable amount of time with the practitioner exploring the dental profession.
UM - A minimum of 100 hours of dental shadowing and/or volunteering is required.

Competitive GPA

UDM - 3.50 science, 3.57 overall
UM - 3.49 science, 3.57 cumulative

Competitive Dental Admission Test (DAT) Score

UDM - 20.0 Academic Average; 20 Perceptual Ability; 20 Total Science
UM - 20.0 Academic Average; 21 Perceptual Ability; 21 Total Science

Michigan Dental School Websites

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University of Michigan -

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